By Jonathan Sercu

Delivery of group purchase irrigation monitoring

Delivery of group purchase irrigation monitoring

In December 2018 a group purchase of the Crodeon Reporter for Irrigation Monitoring was organized by Ingro CVBA (the association of industrial vegetable growers) and Inero CVBA. Eventually a total of thirty growers signed in on the offer, for a total order of 31 Reporters. This was a one-time initiative to increase the public awareness of the system.

Last week Crodeon delivered the order on time, as planned. Every grower receives a Crodeon Reporter, a solar panel and two sensors.

The delivery of the group purchase was organised with a formal handover in the offices of Ingro in Roeselare.

Handover of the devices. Pictured: Jonathan Sercu (Crodeon) and Jasmine D’hulster (Ingro).

Thanks a lot to the people of Ingro and Inero, and of course also to all participating growers. More information about irrigation monitoring is available on our website.