By Jonathan Sercu

Expanding our team

Expanding our team

Busy times at Crodeon. We recently hired two more developers to accelerate our growth. Each of them will play a key role at our company, so they definitely deserve an introduction.

Our Cloud Developer Steven will focus on the Crodeon Dashboard as well as our third-party API’s. Steven has extensive experience with devops and CI/CD. At Crodeon we try to automate as many operational tasks as we can, so this experience will be useful.


Wouter, our new Senior Embedded Software Engineer, will be responsible for designing the architecture of our next-generation Crodeon Reporter as well as software development, testing and automated deployment of new devices.


Unfortunately, because of COVID the welcome parties for both Wouter and Steven were postponed. The entire Crodeon team is mainly working from home. When the virus is gone, the appropriate celebrations will be held at our headquarters.