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Introducing Data as a Service

Introducing Data as a Service

We’re kicking off 2021 with a new subscription-only package for the Crodeon Reporter. The offer includes lifetime warranty and unlimited sensor data storage from day one. Read on to find out why this isn’t just a time and money saver, but also smart from an accounting point of view.

Harnessing the true potential of your data

Customers that work with the Reporter on a daily basis find out quickly that the true value of our offering is in the data it produces. The benefits they realise from real-time remote monitoring are directly aligned with their ability to process and interpret data. This is why today we are launching a revolutionary offering called “Data as a Service” (DaaS).

Instead of making an upfront investment into new hardware, you only pay the ongoing subscription. What you get in the end is the same reliability that Crodeon stands for, plus a few extras. This is a unique offering in a gradually maturing IoT market. We’re matching our offer exactly with our customer’s needs: “Accessing reliable, high quality structured raw data that they can turn into useful information.”

The features you love

All of the awesome core features that our customers love are included in the Data as a Service package. With the Crodeon Dashboard, you can easily access all your data in a few clicks, or use our API to run the data through your own analytics platforms and data warehouses.

Our built-in alarm engine notifies you by SMS or email when certain thresholds are exceeded. The same goes for connectivity and device health. You’ll never have to experience any significant downtime again as our back-end constantly monitors the current state of all connected devices and alerts you when a sensor or device goes offline.

The importance of service

Getting a sensor online is easy. Keeping it online to deliver reliable structured data 24/7 is hard. The value of warranty and service cannot be underestimated. Our Data as a Service package comes with a lifetime warranty, compared to only two years in the classic offering.

Furthermore, we provide hosting and backups of all your historic data from the very starting point of using our service, where in the past we only stored the last twelve months. This can have a huge impact on your data storage expenses.


The offering impacts the accounting principles as well, as DaaS by Crodeon will be an operational expense (OPEX) instead of a capital one (CAPEX). It keeps the balance sheet lean and facilitates internal sales processes. The Data as a Service package is more economical (approximately 25% over a 3 year period) when you factor in things like hosting, hardware replacements and support.

The benefits of purchasing services and products in a subscription model as opposed to paying a one-time fee are numerous. Many companies have seen a significant improvement to their bottom line as a result of adopting this strategy. This trend is still in a relatively early stage, so it’s reasonable to assume that those who adopt it early on stand to gain a lot in the near future.

Take a look at our pricing table for a detailed comparison with our classic pricing. Keep your company lean and mean. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from Data as a Service.

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