Vacuum sensor
Vacuum sensor
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Vacuum sensor

Product info

The Honeywell MIP series is a media-isolated vacuum pressure transducer for use with a wide range of media including aggressive fluids and water. It converts pressure into an analog electrical signal that is registered by the Crodeon Reporter.

This sensor comes with a 5 meter Metri-Pack 150 cable with stainless steel M12 connector for direct compatibility with your Crodeon Reporter. The pressure port type is G1/4 A-G (ISO 1179-3) with an additional T-splitter included.

The Honeywell MIP sensor is compatible with water, refrigerants, fuels and medical liquids. Please refer to the datasheet below for a list of compatible media.

A vacuum pressure is one that is lower than the ambient environment surrounding pressure, and is therefore measured relative to a perfect vacuum or full vacuum.

Crodeon offers multiple versions of the MIP Series. For other pressure ranges please refer to this product: Pressure sensor.

Download datasheet

Physical properties

Weight 318 g
Height (sensor head) 23 mm
Width (sensor head) 42,5 mm
Depth (sensor head) 25 mm
Cable length 5 m

How it works

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