Water meter with dry dial
Water meter with dry dial
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Water meter with dry dial

Product info

The WT water meter by Maddalena features a dry dial and a removable mechanism. WT meters are especially designed for use with dewatering, irrigation and waste water applications. They can be installed both in horizontal and vertical position.

This water meter is directly compatible with the Crodeon Reporter and is supplied with an M12 connection cable that can be extended up to 30m using the extension cords from our shop.

Please indicate the preferred size when ordering this sensor.

Type Inner dimension Liter / hour Max. liter / hour
DN 50 200 mm 40000 50000
DN 65 200 mm 63000 78750
DN 80 225 mm 63000 78750
DN 100 250 mm 100000 125000
DN 125 250 mm 160000 200000
DN 150 300 mm 250000 313000
DN 200 350 mm 400000 500000

WT water meters are supplied with C.E.E. standard certificate and test report. Complete inserts for replacement are available on request.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Refer to datasheet
Max. working pressure
16 bar
Max. temperature

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