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Water quality sensor

Water quality sensor

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Remote monitoring of water quality has never been easier thanks to this digital sensor for water quality. The probe is designed for professional use to measure water temperature, pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), and electric conductivity (EC). The sensor can be used in various environments where water quality monitoring is needed, such as the agrifood industry, industrial applications, waterparks, apartment buildings, and wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to the reliable measurements, you'll be quickly informed about potentially hazardous situations.

Our sensor device, called Reporter, logs the measurements taken by the sensor and sends them to the cloud in realtime. Reporter connects to the cellular data network using 2G or 4G, a local network like WiFi is therefore unnecessary. Reporter comes with an API that allows you to connect the sensor data to third-party applications, like Liquisens' cloud platform.

Reporter was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, allowing anyone to complete the smooth plug & play installation Crodeon offers.

Where to use this sensor for water quality?

This water quality sensor can be used to monitor any water installation. The water quality sensor should be installed in your water pipes or can be assembled in a floating buoy. The picture below shows a sensor after installation.

Liquisens water quality sensor

What is included?

This water quality and temperature probe comes with a sensor adapter (with a short extension cord) to interpret the data for our sensor module. The probe measures pH, water temperature, ORP, and EC.

Click here to find our complete water quality monitoring kit.

What you need

To have a fully functional system you'll also need Reporter with a data subscription and a power supply.

To correctly analyse your sensor data you'll need Liquisens' cloud platform, the best way to give the right context to your measurements. Learn more about Liquisens' solutions.

All the necessary components are included in our water quality monitoring kit. You can buy the sensor and adapter to add more data-gathering points to your kit. If you want to buy other additional sensors for your Reporter, you can add these separately. One Reporter fits four sensors at the same time. As the module is plug & play and pick & mix, any combination is possible.

Physical properties water quality sensor

liquisens multi-parameter sensor probe
Weight including cable 65 gram
Weight including cable and adapter 150 gram
Height (including cable gland) 115 mm
Width 28 mm
Thread width for insertion 1/2 inch
Length of inserted measuring probe 19 mm
Cable length 90 cm
Accuracy See datasheet
Resolution See datasheet
Sensor adapter Read more

Download multi-parameter sensor probe datasheet


Why do I need automatic water quality detection?

Automatic water quality monitoring reduces the need for manual labour, saving you time and money. Additionally, it helps you stay compliant as you'll be notified when your water quality is subpar.

What are the benefits of water temperature monitoring?

Bacteria like Legionella can only survive and grow in certain temperature ranges. By monitoring the water temperature in your water installation, you can catch a potential health hazard before it becomes a problem.

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    Reporter® nécessite un abonnement de 180 €/an pour fonctionner. Ajoutez cet abonnement à votre panier lors du paiement. L'abonnement couvre des éléments tels que la connectivité et l'utilisation du tableau de bord Crodeon. Les kits incluent déjà un abonnement d'un an. Contactez-nous si vous avez uniquement besoin des capteurs sans connectivité.



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