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Sensor Adapter

Sensor Adapter

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Sensor compatibility made easy

We designed Reporter to make your remote monitoring projects easy and plug & play, but not all sensors can directly be plugged into our sensor device. An extra step is needed, a module that can translate the raw measurement data into something Reporter can easily understand.

This interpretive module is our Sensor Adapter.

We speak your sensor's language

Different sensors communicate to the data logger (Reporter) in different languages, which is why you need to use the right Sensor Adapter to make sure data is interpreted correctly. When you buy a sensor from our shop we send you the right adapter to ensure smooth data transmission.

If you want to connect your own sensor to one of our adapters you can check what kind of data output it comes with and what Sensor Adapter fits its language.

Get started with your measuring project

Follow the next steps to quickly get started with your Sensor Adapter.

  1. Claim your Reporter on the Crodeon Dashboard.
  2. Connect your power supply to the utmost right connector.
  3. Connect your sensor(s) to your adapter(s) according to their respective connection diagrams.
  4. Connect your sensor(s) to the remaining four connectors for sensors.
  5. Select the right sensor template on the Crodeon Dashboard.
  6. Now you're ready to view your live data! Let's have a look!

General specifications

Weight 50 grams
Dimensions 123 mm x 32 mm
Environmental protection class IP65
Temperature range -10°C to +40°C
Cable length 50 cm with female to male M12 connectors
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Digital / Analog Input Adapter

The Digital / Analog Input Adapter reads dry contacts, reed contacts, open collector, open drain, NPN, PNP, and other digital signals. These signals are either converted into binary values such as 0-1, on/off, or open/closed, or counted as pulses. It also reads analog signals such as 0-10V and 0-5V.

Download datasheet
Modbus adapter RS-485

Modbus / RS-485 Adapter

This adapter reads Modbus and RS-485 signals. More info is coming soon.

Datasheet coming soon
UART adapter I2C

UART / I2C Adapter

This adapter reads UART and I2C signals. More info is coming soon.

Datasheet coming soon

How to connect your Sensor Adapter

Proper installation guarantees reliable data transmission

Sensor Adapter placement guidelines

As sensor adapters were created to interpret sensors, they like to stay close to them. Connect your adapter as close to your sensor as possible.

  • Bar water infiltration: place outside adapter horizontally.

  • Place adapters at least 50cm above the ground.

  • Mount adapters onto stable bases such as a wall or pole.

  • Close your adapter properly after connecting a sensor.

  • Incoming & outgoing wires must be placed horizontally or downwards, to prevent water (rain/condensation) from entering the adapter.

  • Keep the adapter removed from heat sources/extreme cold to avoid temperatures outside of the operational temperature range.

  • Respect a 5cm buffer zone around the adapter when it comes to electrical wires with a strong current, to avoid signal interference.

  • Keep the rubber rings and M12 connector clean at all times. Dirt causes damage and will lower the water tightness of the device.

Learn more about Reporter

Reporter makes remote monitoring a piece of cake. Read all about Reporter's unique features.

Your favourite sensor device

Easy compatibility

We speak your sensor's language

Not all sensors communicate in the same way. This is why we designed several different adapters that are able to interpreted your sensor's signal in the right way. When you buy a sensor in our shop we make sure to send you the fitting sensor adapter.

Connect your own sensor

Do you want to keep using your own sensor? No problem! We'll make it Reporter compatible using our adapters.