The founding story of Crodeon

The founding story of Crodeon
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The humble Flemish farmer doesn't need too many technical gadgets, or so he thought.

An involved and caring son in Zarren, West Flanders wanted to think of a way to help out his father on the farm. Every day Sam Vanheule saw his father walking back and forth towards the well to check the water level or to fix a broken irrigation reel. There has to be an easier way, Sam thought. Remote monitoring became his new goal and so he set to work.

Meanwhile Jonathan Sercu, an old friend from college, was ready for a career switch. After working in Brussels in the software industry he realised that he wanted to focus more on products. Tangible products that would fix real issues. Not much later the two found each other again and thus Crodeon was born in 2015. Their combined interest in innovation and helping people pushed them to actively seek out what companies struggled with. They visited farms, fruit growers, restaurants and more. After many interesting conversations they realised all these companies had one specific need in common: more data.

Sam & Jonathan decided to develop a system that makes measuring and gathering data easy and accessible to everyone. Ever since, the humble Flemish farmer can't go without.

An extra pair of eyes

Remote monitoring and data collection was the key factor that would solve some of the biggest issues these businesses were struggling with. The restaurants needed to know whether the cold rooms weren't malfunctioning, the fruit growers needed to keep an eye out for frost that could damage their blossoms and the farmer needed to make sure his pigs wouldn't overheat of suffocate due to lack of oxygen. They simply needed an extra pair of eyes to save time and to avoid problems.

Inspired and intrigued the dynamic duo developed Reporter, the easiest way to build your own monitoring system that sends out alarm notifications when needed. Designed on day 1 for a non-technical audience, this plug & play system proved to be unique in its simplicity while still being adjustable to a users own needs. Not only small businesses seemed to appreciate this uncomplicated ease. Big players like Jules Destrooper, Engie, NTT and Aquafin decided to start monitoring their processes with Reporter.

Today Crodeon has grown into a leading electronics manufacturer with hundreds of customers all over Europe.

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