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Our markets

Crodeon is a leading manufacturer of plug & play end-to-end monitoring systems. Our technology is used by companies all over Europe. We focus on 3 markets: water, weather and indoor climate.

  • water


  • cloud


  • temperature

    Indoor climate

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About Reporter®

Reporter® is a wireless sensor device for remote monitoring and the Internet of Things. Connect any combination of sensors and enjoy real-time data and alarm notifications wherever you are.

Zero technical skills required. Remote sensing has never been this easy.

How it works
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Our story

It all started on a small farm in the Far West (of Belgium). How a son used technology to help his father save time and money, and how teaming up with an old friend allowed Crodeon to grow into an modern electronics manufacturer.

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We believe in the power of partners. Especially in vast markets like IoT there's too much work to do it all by yourself.

Crodeon is actively looking to team up with sensor manufacturers and digital companies. We both benefit from a complementary partnership.

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