We believe in the power of partners. Especially in vast markets like the Internet of Things there's too much work to do it all by yourself. Let's team up.

Digital agencies, cloud & data companies

Looking for a reliable hardware partner for your IoT offerings?

We take care of sensors and connectivity, but not the value-added services in the cloud. Our domain of expertise stops where yours begins.

Sensor manufacturers

Crodeon is a hardware company, but we don’t build our own sensors.

We rely on quality products from renowned sensor manufacturers. We’re always on the lookout for new sensors with a good reputation. Contact us to get your products in our shop.

  • Ecomatik
  • Honeywell
  • Irrometer
  • Maddalena
  • MaxBotix
  • Spectrum Technologies
  • Sensirion
  • Pepperl Fuchs
  • BD Sensors
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  • Olpas logo
  • truebner logo
  • Huba Control logo
  • Siemens logo
  • krohne logo
  • davis instruments logo
  • Dräger logo
  • Megatron logo
  • Meter Group logo
  • DOL sensors logo



Starting up new remote monitoring projects all over the continent wouldn't be possible without our trusted distributor network. Contact us to be come a Crodeon distributor.

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  • Agrivin logo
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  • Retec logo
  • Kritech logo
  • Beuk Horeca logo
  • Frost Koeltechniek logo
  • Klimaworx
  • FKT logo
  • Lameire
  • Arec
  • Equans
  • MPI logo
  • Advanced Measurement Instruments

Join our ecosystem!

Get in touch if you're a digital company looking for a reliable hardware component for your IoT projects, or a sensor manufacturer with quality products. We both benefit from a complementary partnership.