About Crodeon

Crodeon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of plug & play end-to-end monitoring systems. Our technology allows companies of all sizes to start making use of data. We serve customers and distributors all over Europe, and beyond.

Crodeon was founded in Belgium in 2015, tapping into the growing market of smart and affordable sensors and wireless technology. Reporter® is by far the world's easiest sensor device.

Farmer in a field

The founding story

The humble Flemish farmer doesn't need too many technical gadgets, or so he thought.

An involved and caring son in Zarren, West Flanders wanted to think of a way to help out his father on the farm. Every day Sam Vanheule saw his father walking back and forth towards the well to check the water level or to fix a broken irrigation reel. There has to be an easier way, Sam thought. Remote monitoring became his new goal and so he got to work.

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Our mission

To enable companies of all sizes to start making use of data.

Sam Vanheule and Jonathan Sercu

Meet the founders

Sam Vanheule LinkedIn
Master Industrial Engineering Electronics-ICT
Ghent University, 2012

Jonathan Sercu
Master Information Management
University of Leuven, 2012

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