By Jonathan Sercu

Group purchase weather stations

Group purchase weather stations

The Flemish electronics company Crodeon Technologies announces a new group purchase. Just like last year, Crodeon offers the Limburg fruit sector an attractive discount on the Crodeon weather station in various versions. The company also announces that pcfruit will soon provide a link for disease prediction based on sensor data from Crodeon weather stations.

The Crodeon Reporter is gradually becoming a household name in the world of smart wireless sensor systems. The versatility of this sensor module allows growers to put together a weather station with 100% freedom of choice in terms of sensors. Data is sent in real-time (at an interval of 30 seconds or more) to the cloud, where growers can access the data via PC or smartphone.

After a first group purchase last year, Crodeon is once again making an attractive proposal to the Limburg fruit sector. A discount of €200 applies per weather station, immediately settled in the webshop. Since last year, the Crodeon weather station has also been recognized for GMO discount through the growers associations like Belorta, Ingro or LTV.

crodeon weerstation

Crodeon has been working together well with pcfruit and other research institutes for several years, but also wants to build technology for the actual growers. Jonathan Sercu, Managing Director at Crodeon: "The affordability of our products is a priority for us. We focus on standardization and the automation of manual steps. When delivering new weather stations, there is almost no manual work involved, and a grower can carry out the installation of the hardware completely by himself. That is how we manage to put a professional system on the market at an attractive price."

Some testimonials from growers who already use the Crodeon weather station:

I bought the weather kit pro last year and I am very satisfied. For the time being, I have mainly taken temperature measurements before night frost, but I have now also connected a pressure sensor to my irrigation so that I receive a notification if something goes wrong during the irrigation at night.

Wim Stoffels (Minderhout)

Super handy, everything at hand, the right temperature in 2 places in the tree. Finally a better view of MY orchards. Your own weather station is always more accurate than measurements on other plots.

Gert Buntinx (Herk-de-Stad)

crodeon weather station versions

The weather station is available in three models: basic, standard and pro. However, growers can freely choose to add extra sensors, for example to measure temperature at night at multiple heights, soil moisture, leaf wetness or even trunk thickness. Jonathan Sercu: "There are sensors on the market for almost anything you can imagine. We want to make this technology plug & play accessible to a non-technical audience."

From 2022, a link will also be provided with the disease and pest models of pcfruit. This means that growers can receive tailor-made advice via pcfruit, based on the weather data from their own weather station. Crodeon calls this an important milestone that makes the sensors truly invaluable during daily work in the orchard.

Order on the Crodeon webshop with discount code PCFRUIT and enjoy a €200 discount. Offer valid until 19-02-2022. For GMO discount, it is best to request a quote first. Contact Crodeon at or 0474 09 77 05 for more info.