By Jonathan Sercu

Installing a weather station on caravans or vacation houses

Installing a weather station on caravans or vacation houses

Last summer we received a picture from a customer who installed the Crodeon weather sensor on his caravan. Let’s go into details about why this is a good idea and how our customer made it happen.

Why you should watch the weather when leaving your caravan behind

Vacation homes and static caravans are often located far away from their owners, in regions that have a completely different climate than where the owners live. As a result, people often find themselves worrying about their property when the weather turns bad.

The perfect solution to stop them from worrying is a weather station with autonomous power supply and remote data access. As an owner you need data about the actual weather conditions that your caravan or vacation house experiences, not from someone else’s weather station several kilometers away.

What do you need to get started

The Crodeon weather station consists of a Reporter, a small solar panel and a weather sensor. The sensor measures wind, rain, temperature and humidity. The Reporter takes care of wireless communication to the internet, and the solar panel keeps the Reporter’s lithium-ion battery charged. This is an autonomous power supply so no need to replace the batteries yourself. The Reporter is designed for low power consumption so it stays online even during a long dark winter.

As a customer you enjoy real-time measurements up to every minute. Use the Crodeon Dashboard on your pc or phone to view the data or configure the alarm thresholds. You can be notified by email, sms or voice call for example if the temperatures are below a certain limit, or if it’s raining too much.

Installation of the weather station

Our customer says it took him less than an hour to mount the system on his caravan. For pretty much every vacation home or caravan the installation will be different. The main thing you need is a long enough pole or bar to mount the hardware on.

weather station pole mount caravan

The product page of this sensor recommends installing the weather sensor high enough and away from nearby obstructions. Make sure to watch the level indicator and point the “N” arrow north.

weather station north mount

Connecting the weather sensor to the Reporter is as easy as it gets. Just plug the M12-connector and gently tighten the connection ring so it’s waterproof. Same for the solar panel, which plugs into the Reporter’s M12 power connector on the side. Once these are connected, your Reporter is ready to start measuring. Turn the device on via the Crodeon Dashboard and watch the data appear. All our hardware is suited for outdoor use so no further protection is required.

Additional sensors

Once your weather station is up and running, it’s time to think about what else you can measure. Have a look at the sensors in our shop and know that each of these is directly compatible with your Reporter. The only limit is the total amount of connectors (three or six) that your Reporter has.

If you’re often tormented by floods or heavy rain, maybe think about measuring water level with an ultrasonic sensor. This could warn you when your cellar or caravan is under water. Another painful parameter is humidity. Some of our customers use the Reporter to measure the interior humidity in sailing yachts during fall and winter.

If your vacation home has a lovely garden with valuable fauna, maybe you’d like to measure soil humidity or soil water tension. This could help you protect your plants or trees against drought or an excess of water.

Thank you for reading. Take a look at the sensors in our shop or contact us when you have something else to measure.