PAR light sensor
PAR light sensor
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PAR light sensor

Product info

This PAR light sensor by Spectrum Technologies measures light in the 400nm to 700nm light spectrum.

Photosynthesis is driven primarily by photons of light with wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers, which is referred to as Photosynthetically Active Radiation, or PAR light. Because a quantum is the amount of energy possessed by a photon, PAR light is sometimes labeled quantum light.

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Installation instructions

The sensor can be placed above or within plant canopies, as well as in growth rooms and greenhouses. Install the sensor so that it is level. Once the sensor is mounted, use the adjustment screws to level the sensor so that the bubble is centered on the level indicator. Mount the sensor on a mast or pipe using the u-bolt provided. Position the sensor in an appropriate area that monitors the plant conditions.

Make sure the PAR sensor is not being shadowed or blocked by another external sensor. Inspect the sensors frequently to make certain the sensors are still level and clear of obstructions.

Physical properties

Weight 98 g
Height 78 mm
Width 60 mm
Depth 45 mm
Range 0-2500 µmol m²s
Accuracy +/- 5%
Cable length 2 m

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