By Jonathan Sercu

How Crodeon helps research companies save time with remote monitoring and data logging

How Crodeon helps research companies save time with remote monitoring and data logging

Research organisations often rely on data to search for the next breakthrough discovery. Data logging however, can be a painful process where finding and setting up the right components takes valuable time, especially outdoors or when wireless connectivity is involved.

Crodeon is a Belgian manufacturer of remote monitoring systems for agriculture, infrastructure and research companies. The company was founded in 2015 and is now headquartered in Ghent. “We offer an end-to-end solution consisting of a hardware device, the Crodeon Reporter, and a cloud platform, the Crodeon Dashboard.”, says Jonathan Sercu, Co-Founder and CEO.

The technology lets customers set up remote monitoring or data logging in a matter of minutes. The Reporter comes pre-configured and its sensors are plug & play. Every component is suited for outdoor use, as the enclosures and cables are waterproof and UV-resistant. Connectivity and device health are monitored by Crodeon in order to prevent gaps in the data, a research company’s worst nightmare.

One of those research companies is Sanacon, an engineering office specialized in concrete damage diagnosis and repair advice, a UGent spin-off company. Sanacon, also a tenant at Tech Lane Ghent Science Park, was looking for an easy way to monitor temperature and humidity in concrete samples in remote locations. “We were spending a lot of time searching for the right sensors and loggers”, says Tim Soetens, CEO at Sanacon. “Getting everything connected and keeping it online was still a lot of work. The Crodeon Reporter is a real time saver for us.”

Crodeon designs and manufactures its devices in Belgium. “We have multiple local assembly partners, and so far we haven’t found a single component that can’t be assembled locally. This truly is hardware made in Belgium and we’re convinced that it is possible to keep our manufacturing activities local, if the hardware design is optimised for easy assembly”, says Sam Vanheule, Lead Engineer at Crodeon.

A next step after collecting measurements in the cloud is usually data analysis, in order to get the actual value out of the data. This next frontier is where artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance become highly relevant. Crodeon is actively looking for partners in these domains. “The Reporter is perfectly suited for these applications, but we choose to rely on partners for this expertise”, Jonathan concludes. “We are a hardware company, and we think focus is important”.

This article first appeared on on 26-11-2020.

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