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Your new favourite IoT remote monitoring device

It's time to reinvent the classic sensor module: meet Reporter®, your new favourite solution for professional remote monitoring with alarm notifications. Reporter is a plug & play IoT sensor device with a reliable wireless internet connection using cellular data.

Reporter is unique as it offers you the freedom to connect whatever sensor you need, in whatever combination you desire. Break the mould and jumpstart your own remote measuring project. Whether you require a sensor connection for your sewer water project, agricultural research, HACCP compliance in your kitchen's freezer, you name it, Reporter can do it.

The sensor device offers a real-time data link to the cloud, measuring and transmitting sensor data every 30 seconds to every two hours, your choice! Every Reporter is capable of operating 24/7 on grid or solar power using the onboard battery.

Technical specifications

Weight 402 g
Height 45 mm
Width 187 mm
Depth 137 mm
Connectivity NB-IoT, Cat-M and 2G

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Yearly subscription

As Reporter operates through the GSM network using its SIM card, it needs a yearly data subscription. The subscription covers things like connectivity and use of the Crodeon Dashboard. Kits already include a 1 year subscription with the remote monitoring device.

Don't forget to purchase a yearly data subscription with your Reporter. You can also purchase the subscription multiple times to pay for multiple years, this saves you time as you won't have to renew your plan annually.

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Don't forget to add the essentials

...or start with a preassembled kit

Reporter, a versatile sensor device for remote monitoring designed by Crodeon

Only measure what you need

Connect up to 4 different sensors to your Reporter IoT remote monitoring device. Any combination of sensors from our shop is possible and sensors are automatically detected. Easily reuse sensors between multiple projects to save time and money.

The 5th connector is where you plug the power supply.

The Crodeon Dasboard showing historic data measurements

Reliable data streaming to the cloud

The IoT sensor module is out-of-the-box connected to the Crodeon Dashboard through the GSM network (2G, 4G, NB-IoT, Cat-M) using its built-in SIM card. The Crodeon Dashboard is a user-friendly and intuitive browser-based platform where all your measurement data is gathered. View live data or look at historic measurements. Extensive logs can be exported to Excel.

Reporter, on a daily basis, proves to be a reliable and user-friendly end-to-end solution for real-time remote monitoring. Create your free account on the Crodeon Dashboard and view our live demo, all online, so no software installation or custom programming required.

An Iphone showing a text message notification

Custom alarm notifications

Reporter isn't just a sensor module, it's also a customisable alarm. The Crodeon Dashboard allows you to modify the settings of your Reporter to best fit your needs. Setting alarm notifications fit for your project is one of the many benefits of Reporter's versatility. Receive an alarm when temperatures rise in a temperature-controlled room, or when water level drops in your container. The possibilities are truly endless.

The remote monitoring device, Reporter, sends alarm notifications to your phone through text message or voice call, you can also opt to get an email.

Reporter with solar panel

Electricity, wherever you are

Reliable measurements need a reliable power source, even in remote locations. Changing batteries is a hassle, so we made Reporter compatible with the power grid and its own solar panel. The IoT sensor device comes with a built-in rechargeable backup battery to cover any power outages. This allows your Reporter to operate autonomously 24/7, wherever you are.

Reporter is low power, continuously monitors its power supply and will notify you if its power goes down.

The Crodeon Dashboard showing GPS location

GPS location updates

Keep track of your sensor device thanks to the built-in GPS chip. This tracker sends out regular updates about your Reporter's current location. This can help you easily differentiate multiple set-ups, keep you informed about the journey of mobile set-ups, or help you locate vehicles and lost freight.

code on laptop

API for seamless data integration

Reporter comes with a REST API to connect with your own software or platform. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the IoT sensor module's data into your own tools. Feed data to predictive models, or use it to automatically trigger a process, it's up to you.

Reporter: your new favourite sensor device

Reporter mounted on a fence

Plug & play sensor connecting

Our IoT remote monitoring device uses M12 connectors for easy sensor connecting. Plug & play installation at its finest.

No technicians needed for installation

Reporter was designed to be as user-friendly and straight forward as possible, which is why you won't need a technician to install the device. Just plug your sensors of choice into the device and go live within minutes.

Indoor and outdoor proof

Reporter is IP67, meaning that it is rain and weatherproof. Don't hesitate to mount your IoT sensor module to a wall outside, a tree, a pole, a fence, etc.

Your Reporter would rather be outside in the cold than claustrophobic: an unobstructed outdoor installation will have a stronger cellular connection than if you were to install the sensor module inside of a metal cabinet.

Compatible with your favourite sensors

At Crodeon we choose to combine our strengths and collaborate with industry-leading sensor manufacturers. This is why you'll only find the most trustworthy sensors in our shop.

Do you want to keep using your own sensor? No problem! We'll make it Reporter compatible using our adapters.

Designed and assembled in Belgium

We like to stay close to the production process, which is why Reporter is assembled close to home. As we choose to work with local partners we can keep an eye on fair labour circumstances and ensure that the quality of our devices is up to our standards.

Reporter mounted on a tree

How to install Reporter

Proper installation is required to guarantee a strong cellular connection as well as protect Reporter and its components from water infiltration.

  • Reporter is preferably mounted vertically.
  • Reporter should be mounted at least 20 cm from the ground.
  • Reporter should be installed in a location where it will not be submerged.
  • Reporter's connectors should always be covered with sensors or dust caps.
  • Reporter should be installed free from metal obstructions that weaken the cellular connection. Don't place Reporter inside a metal (technical) cabinet or within 5 cm of wires and cables.
Read more about Reporter's installation