By Jonathan Sercu

Measuring temperature in a cactus greenhouse

Measuring temperature in a cactus greenhouse

One of our customers uses the Crodeon Reporter for measuring temperatures in two different sections of a cactus greenhouse. Using the built-in alarm he can get an sms or phone call in case of a power outage or when the temperatures drop below a certain threshold.

A cactus is vulnerable to low temperatures and frost. If you're keeping cacti in a greenhouse where frost might occur, make sure to install a reliable remote monitoring solution to keep your plants safe at all times. 

Watch the video to see how the Reporter was installed.


Our customer was able to install the system himself in just 15 minutes. Most of the work is mounting the hardware to the wall and putting the sensors in the right place. The connection of the sensors to the Reporter is just plug & play. No technical knowledge is required. After your sign in on the app the data will appear immediately. 

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