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The DF4 and DD-L1 dendrometers from Ecomatik are renowned and highly precise measuring instruments with micrometer accuracy. These electronic dendrometers are used to continuously record changes in the size of different parts of plants (e.g. trunk, branch, root and fruit of trees, as well as herbaceous plants).

The micrometer-accurate dendrometer data obtained provides valuable information on vitality and growth dynamics, as well as on the water status of the plant. They can be used under all growth conditions (tropics, polar regions, underground, under snow or underwater). Their wide range of application, reliability and low maintenance, as well as extremely low power consumption make Ecomatik dendrometers a versatile and cost-effective tool in the fields of ecology and agriculture.

Pre-configured for your convenience

Almost all Ecomatik dendrometers in the four wire + shield versions with differential voltage output are compatible with your Reporter. Crodeon offers the following models in a pre-configured plug & play package with M12 connector, with the goal of making the technology accessible not just for researchers but also for growers.

  • The DD-L series dendrometers are used for high-precision and continuous measurement of stem diameter changes. These devices are suitable for long-term application in outdoor conditions.
  • The DF4 fruit dendrometer offers easy installation and maintenance-free measurement through a claw mechanism, for large and fast-growing fruits such as apple, orange, peach, tomato and many others.

As with all sensors on our shop, your Reporter can operate fully on solar power, using our 10W solar panel. Even on a real-time measurement interval no additional power supply is required to continuously transmit your dendrometer data to the cloud.

Crodeon Cloud

All measurement data is streamed to the Crodeon Dashboard in realtime. These measurement logs can be viewed live or historical data can be exported for more detailed reports. 

The Dashboard is also the place to change alarm settings or other Reporter settings like measurement interval.

Dendrometer with API

Reporter comes with a rest API that you can connect to your own systems and software for easy data integration. For example, to automate a sprinkler system for when the dendrometer detects significant shrinkage.

Read our blogpost about the advantages of using dendrometers and get in touch if you need more information.

Download DD-L1 datasheet

Download DF4 datasheet

Technical specifications

Measuring range (DD-L1) 11 mm
Measuring range (DF4) 130 mm
Cable length 5 m
Suitable for diameter (DD-L1) 30 - 300 mm (trunk)
Suitable for diameter (DF4) 0 - 130 mm (fruit)
Resolution 0,1 µm
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    All Crodeon sensors are plug & play compatible with your Reporter. Browse our shop and select the sensors, accessories and Reporters of your choice, or choose one of the pre-composed kits that match your needs.

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    Reporter® requires a subscription of €180 /year to operate. Add this package to your cart when checking out. The subscription covers things like connectivity and use of the Crodeon Dashboard. Kits already include a 1 year subscription. Contact us if you only need the sensors without connectivity.

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