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Linear potentiometer sensor

Linear potentiometer sensor

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About the linear displacement sensor

Easily monitor structural cracks and tears in buildings with a linear potentiometer position sensor. The model G in 50 mm from the reliable RC13 linear potentiometer series by Megatron makes professional crack measurement and digital logging a piece of cake! Now compatible with Reporter, your favourite sensor module for remote monitoring.

Crack sensors are used to monitor and measure the progression and growth of cracks in structures, like humidity tears in concrete, or subsidence cracks in homes. The linear position transducer sensor measures and logs the growing and shrinking of the crack, expressed in micrometres.

Crodeon Cloud

Thanks to Reporter, all measurement data is instantly sent to the cloud. Here you can view your live data 24/7, adjust measurement settings, alarm settings, or download historical data logs. Alarm notifications (when enabled) are sent out to your email, or your phone through voice call or text message.

Linear potentiometer with API

Thanks to Reporter the linear potentiometer's data can be accessed through a rest API. This makes it easy to integrate measurement data into your own systems and software.

Combined measurement

When measuring cracks and tears, we recommend combining this linear position sensor with a temperature sensor, or temperature and humidity sensor. This is helpful to correctly see the influence of temperature and moisture on the movement of the tear. Reporter has four sensor connectors, so you can easily attach multiple sensors to one device for the most accurate measuring setup.

How to use a displacement sensor?

A linear position sensor is installed by connecting each sensor end to the right side and left side of a cracked structure. Or alternatively, to the end and start of a moving part. The image below shows an example.

Pay attention to this during sensor installation: make sure the measuring rod is extended at half of the length of its maximum capacity when installed. This way it can measure both growth and shrinkage. If you were to install the linear position transducer when extended fully, it cannot measure growth. If you were to install the sensor when fully retracted, it cannot measure shrinkage.

Linear potentiometer sensor for crack monitoring in buildings

Megatron sensors, made compatible by Crodeon

At Crodeon we trust in industry-leading technology, which is why we bundle our strengths with reliable sensor manufacturers, like Megatron. The linear potentiometer comes with a Crodeon sensor adapter and easy M12 connectors that allow for plug & play sensor installation with Reporter. The attached sensor cable measures 1 metre, but is extendable with additional sensor extension cables.

The RC13 series offers three different linear displacement transducers (F, G, M: see datasheet) that can be used in different circumstances. We offer model G in 50 mm, which is the most suitable for crack monitoring. Other measuring lengths varying from 25 mm to 250 mm are available, on request. Pictured above is the 100 mm version.

The RC13-50-G comes in IP65, perfect when measuring outdoors or in otherwise wet or moist locations. The RC13 linear potentiometer position sensor has a long life and high accuracy.

Jumpstart your remote crack monitoring project with Reporter and the linear displacement sensor of your choice. Don't hesitate to contact us to specify what variety of RC13 linear transducer you're looking for if the RC13-50-G does not fit your needs.

Properties linear potentiometer sensor

Model type RC13-50-G
Operational temperature range -30 °C up to +100 °C
Measuring length 50 mm
Resistance tolerance ±20%
Independent linearity (best straight line) ±0.1 %
Cable length 1 m
Environmental protection IP65
Life span 100 million movements
Resolution Analogue stepless (resolution depending on the sensor adapter)

Download datasheet for more information


What is a displacement sensor?

A linear displacement transducer is a small device with a rod that extends and retracts to measure growth or movement. The sensor can be connected to a sensor module to allow for automatic measurement logging or remote monitoring with alarm function. Reporter is an example of such a versatile monitoring module.

What is the function of a linear transducer?

A crack sensor measures the growth and shrinkage of a crack or tear in a building or structure. Alternatively, it can also measure the extension of objects like a cable or rod. It helps you measure and log movement and motion of the object or phenomenon you want to measure, observe, or study.

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