Submersible level sensor
Submersible level sensor
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Submersible level sensor

Product info

The LMP307 submersible level transmitter from BD Sensors is a general-purpose sensor for measuring the level of water or other mildly corrosive liquids. The sensor can be used to measure the water level in reservoirs, lakes, open flow channels & weirs and groundwater level of boreholes.

The stainless steel probe LMP307 is designed for continuous level measurement in water and clean or lightly polluted fluids. Upon request, this product can be supplied with a calibration certificate. Contact us for more information.

Submersible level sensor

This high quality stainless steel sensor is suited for high requirements and exact measurement with good long-term stability.

The included terminal box contains a pressure balance item, responsible for the compensation of atmospheric pressure variations. Vertical mounting with the cable gland and connector downward is recommended. This prevents soiling of the breather facility and the ingress of moisture.

Please indicate the preferred level range when ordering this sensor. Options are: 2.5m, 10m, 25m, 100m and 250m.

Hydrostatic level range Cable length (sensor to terminal box)
0 - 2,5m 3m
0 - 10m 10m
0 - 25m 25m
0 - 100m 100m
0 - 250m 250m

The LMP307 is directly compatible with your Crodeon Reporter and comes with a 5m M12 cable that connects the terminal box with your Reporter. You can extend this cable up to 30m with the M12 extension cords from our shop.

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Technical specifications

Height (sensor head) 115 mm
Width (sensor head) 26,5 mm
Depth (sensor head) 26,5 mm
Weight (without cable) 200 g
Hydrostatic level ranges 2.5mH2O to 250mH2O
Accuracy 0,35% of the full scale

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