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TM Edison uses Reporter during the construction of energy island
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"How can we commit to the green energy transition?" is a question electrical power grid operator Elia asked itself. The result: the Princess Elisabeth Island, the world's first energy island, to be built some 45 kilometres off the Belgian coast in the Belgian North Sea. TM Edison, a collaboration between construction giants Jan De Nul and DEME, is realising the project.

Caissons: the building blocks of the future

To build the island, TM Edison is making huge concrete structures, better known as caissons. These caissons are cast in a slip form. During concrete drying and curing, it is crucial to keep an eye on humidity and temperature. For this, the construction contractors used Crodeon's sensor module called 'Reporter' during the 15-day process. By using advanced technologies like this, construction projects can be carried out more efficiently, with less risk of errors and delays.

Matthijs Liefooghe of Jan De Nul/TM Edison tells us briefly about his experience with Reporter:

Liefooghe: "The installation went very smoothly and the system is extremely user-friendly. It is actually ready-made and therefore it is not much work to connect sensors to Reporter and read the data. Moreover, the battery life exceeded our expectations."

The fact that the contractors chose to monitor concrete drying so accurately is a sign of excellent craftsmanship!

Reporter: ready-made monitoring hardware

What makes Reporter so special? It's not only easy to install, but it also offers a reliable monitoring solution for construction sites without the hassle. It is practically 'off-the-shelf', making data reading a piece of cake.

Measurements are streamed to the cloud in real time, eliminating the need for manual logging. If the measurements indicate a problem, alarm notifications are sent for immediate intervention. This allows a construction team to concentrate on their work without having to worry about logs, interruptions, or technical problems.

More about Energy Island

Read more about this impressive project here:

World's first energy island at sea (

Princess Elisabeth Island (

Project Update: MOG2

Source photo: © Bygging-Uddemann

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