How Sint-Rembert optimises ventilation and CO2 in schools

How Sint-Rembert optimises ventilation and CO2 in schools
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The coronavirus hits almost every sector directly or indirectly. This is definitely the case for schools. In order to remain open, teachers and principals do everything they can to ensure proper ventilation in schools. Unfortunately, this leads to a significant increase in heating costs. One solution is to measure the level of CO2 in schools, and temperature in classrooms, in an attempt to keep the heating bill under control.

Leading by example

We at Crodeon want to help schools in this challenge wherever we can. Our Crodeon Reporter makes it possible to read a custom combination of sensors remotely, for example CO2 and temperature. The Sint-Rembert school group in Torhout has been using our technology since a few weeks to take these measurements in their buildings and keep the levels of CO2 in schools low.


Bart Vangrysperre, energy coordinator at Sint-Rembert: “The school group consists of 15 elementary schools and 8 high schools, with a very diverse patrimony. Old and new buildings, hundreds of classrooms, gyms, a restaurant, boarding school, multipurpose halls, and so on. Our intention is mainly to use this data to find the optimal ventilation pattern per type of building or classroom. This requires online measurements that our technical coordinator can access and interpret.”

ventilation in schools co2 in schools

For all ages

Schools need a user-friendly and mobile solution with live communication to the cloud. Our Reporter sends its sensor data in real-time to the Crodeon Dashboard, at a measurement interval that the user can choose. Bart Vangrysperre: “We currently measure at an interval of one minute, in order to closely investigate the impact of the ventilation in schools.”

Reporter requires no wired internet connection or Wi-Fi. Everything happens via the on-board SIM card over the Proximus network. Through the built-in alarm system the responsible user can receive sms or email notifications when the values of CO2 in schools exceed certain thresholds. Using the Crodeon Dashboard, he can view the measurements online or export the data to an Excel file.

The search for the optimal ventilation pattern can be coordinated centrally. No need for the technical colleagues to disturb teachers to manage the Reporter and check the CO2 levels. The work pressure for teachers and principals is already high today, especially during COVID times. Our Reporter can help optimise ventilation in schools and keep heating bills low. The cost of the devices can be earned back in just a few months.

How to calibrate a CO2 sensor
09/03/2022 - Jonathan Sercu

Built to last

We always choose quality sensors from renowned manufacturers in order to guarantee qualitative measurements. Our CO2 sensor is based on the SCD30 module of Sensirion, a Swiss producer of high-quality sensor chips. This self-calibrating NDIR sensor requires no manual maintenance by the user, another huge time saver.

The fact that our technology is developed and produced in Europe is a great bonus. The importance of buying locally has never been greater. Let's work together to keep CO2 in schools under control, even during those cold winter days.

Reporter helps prevent high levels of CO2 in schools

It's a known fact that high CO2 levels cause people to become drowsy and unfocused. Especially in ventilation in schools is of utter importance so students are able to concentrate on their classes.

Even in offices CO2 levels and lack of ventilation form a real problem. Let's all make some more effort to ensure our students and colleagues have a healthy learning and working environment.

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