Smart geotechnical data gathering and interpretation

Smart geotechnical data gathering
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Smart geotechnical data gathering and interpretation
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Many construction sites wouldn't function well without prior soil research, and local authorities want to know all about soil water extraction. However, manual data collection and research can be a tiresome part of geotechnical engineering. At Crodeon we found a way to automate your data collection while also effectively interpreting said data.

CloudPiling & Reporter: a vital duo for geotechnical analysis

Geological and groundwater data needs to be put into the right context to be interpreted correctly. This is where our partner CloudPiling comes into the picture.

CloudPiling provides a calculation platform that offers the geotechnical world everything it needs. Especially when it comes to fast and accurate calculation and visualisation of pile foundations, retaining walls and soil anchors. "Several case studies show that using the parametric calculation model, engineers find solutions with an average of 30% less concrete and steel. This means an incredible gain in terms of CO2 emissions.”

CloudPiling specialises in geotechnical engineering software that offers unparalleled clarity during geotechnical analysis, empowering you with insights to make informed decisions. It helps you put your gathered data (from cone penetration tests or dewatering) in the right context.

When using a sensor module with API, your data automatically gets imported into CloudPiling's geotechnical engineering software. Simplifying data extraction saves you valuable time and effort during your research activities.

Logs for easy compliance

In an era of stricter regulatory requirements and ground subsidence due to declining groundwater levels, CloudPiling and Crodeon provide solutions to simplify compliance. Reporter facilitates easy data logging, ensuring accurate records of water removal activities at construction sites.

CloudPiling's software on the other hand aids in documenting the impact on local water levels, facilitating compliance with regulatory authorities. Steen Vastgoed is a solid example of why automated data gathering and logging for dewatering sites is so important. You can read their story here:

Reporter and CloudPiling's geotechnical software

Why you need Reporter

To gather data, you need data logging. This is where our sensor module Reporter comes in.

Remote sensing, finally made easy

For far too long engineers had to jump through hoops and over technological hurdles to automate data collection. No more! At Crodeon we developed Reporter, your new favourite sensor module for remote measuring and monitoring.

Connected to the cellular data network (2G/4G), Reporter streams its data measurements in real-time to the cloud (Crodeon Dashboard) where said data is automatically logged. Live data can be viewed 24/7 and historical logs can be downloaded as a csv file when needed.

The four M12 plug & play sensor connectors allow you to easily connect dewatering sensors like water level sensors, pressure sensors, flow meters and much more. To correctly read your sensor's signals Reporter comes with sensor adapters that interpret the sensor data. These little translators allow Reporter to read virtually any sensor, even the sensors you already own today.

The fifth connector port is Reporter's power supply. Reporter can be powered through grid power, its own solar panel, or DIN-rail module in your onsite electrical cabinet.

API for smooth data integration

Reporter features a REST API to connect to third-party software for easy data integration. CloudPiling's geotechnical analysis software is a perfect example of such a third-party application. It complements Reporter's data gathering capabilities by providing the necessary context along with advanced analysis tools. This integration ensures that you have access to comprehensive and up-to-date data for informed decision-making.

Ground drilling machine

Already on cloud nine?

Unlock your research potential with CloudPiling and Crodeon! We're committed to helping you optimise your research process from start to finish. Whether you need assistance with data gathering, analysis, or compliance, our integrated solutions are here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can collaborate to break ground together!

Learn more about Smart Water and Smart Construction.

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