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Ammonia sensor (DOL 53)

Ammonia sensor (DOL 53)

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The DOL 53 is an industry-leading ammonia sensor that's perfect for keeping your animals safe & sound. No livestock monitoring project is complete without an NH3 sensor to protect your poultry, pigs, etc. against the harmful effects of ammonia gas.

At Crodeon we stand for straightforward and user-friendly remote monitoring solutions, which is why we made the DOL 53 Reporter compatible. Reporter makes for easy plug & play sensor connecting using M12 connectors with automatic data streaming to the cloud (Crodeon Dashboard) within minutes.

Crodeon Cloud

The Crodeon Dashboard allows you to see live data, view and export historic data, and set alarm notifications. These alarms are a real lifesaver as you can set your desired NH3 range and receive notifications (text message to phone, voice call to phone, or email) whenever the range limit is exceeded. When ammonia concentrations rise you'll be the first to know!

Ammonia sensor with API

Reporter comes with an API that can automatically trigger processes in your farm based on Reporter's measurements (e.g. automatically open valves or boost the ventilation system).

Protect your swine, chickens (or other poultry) against ammonia poisoning with this robust and accurate NH3 sensor by DOL, now compatible with Crodeon's plug & play technology!

This sensor comes with a Crodeon sensor adapter to ensure easy installation using Reporter.

Range 0-100 ppm NH3
Resolution 0.1V/ppm NH3
Accuracy 1.5 ppm or +10% of the measured value
Long term drift < +10% of the measured value
Time constant: T50 < 30 seconds
Operation temperature, humidity, pressure 0 - +50°C, 15-95 RH, 700-1300 hPa
Sensor recalibration Not required during service life
Sensor life 36 months
Environmental protection IP65
Diameter 7.5cm
Length 15.5cm
Weight 500g
Cable length 2m

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Read the official DOL 53 installation manual & maintenance information

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    All Crodeon sensors are plug & play compatible with your Reporter. Browse our shop and select the sensors, accessories and Reporters of your choice, or choose one of the pre-composed kits that match your needs.

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    Reporter® requires a subscription of €180 /year to operate. Add this package to your cart when checking out. The subscription covers things like connectivity and use of the Crodeon Dashboard. Kits already include a 1 year subscription. Contact us if you only need the sensors without connectivity.

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