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Differential pressure sensor (DOL 18)

Differential pressure sensor (DOL 18)

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Ensure optimal air quality and climate control in your livestock houses with the advanced DOL 18 electronic sub-pressure sensor. Engineered for precision and reliability, the DOL 18 sensor guarantees that your negative pressure ventilation systems operate correctly. This contributes to energy savings by optimising ventilation parameters.

This differential pressure sensor measures the air pressure difference in your livestock house, allowing you to monitor the indoor environment. Thanks to our sensor adapter, the DOL 18 is directly compatible with our Reporter. Reporter is a compact and user-friendly solution for digitalising nearly any sensor.

Crodeon Cloud

The Crodeon Dashboard offers an intuitive interface to monitor and control the DOL 18 in real-time, ensuring constant access to critical data. The Crodeon Dashboard allows you to see live data, view and export historical data, and set alarm notifications. These alarms are a real lifesaver as you can receive notifications (text message to phone, voice call to phone, or email) whenever the pressure difference limit is exceeded.

Differential pressure sensor with API

Reporter comes with an API that can automatically trigger processes in your farm based on Reporter's measurements (e.g. automatically open valves or boost the ventilation system).

Optimise your ventilation with this robust and accurate sensor by DOL, now compatible with Crodeon's plug & play technology!

This sensor comes with a Crodeon sensor adapter to ensure easy installation using Reporter.

Accuracy % FSO +/- 1
Operational temperature range -20°C to 70°C
Environmental protection IP66
Weight 230g

Download DOL 18 datasheet.

Download the DOL 18 technical user guide for more information about sensor installation.

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    All Crodeon sensors are plug & play compatible with your Reporter. Browse our shop and select the sensors, accessories and Reporters of your choice, or choose one of the pre-composed kits that match your needs.

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    Reporter® requires a subscription of €180 /year to operate. Add this package to your cart when checking out. The subscription covers things like connectivity and use of the Crodeon Dashboard. Kits already include a 1 year subscription. Contact us if you only need the sensors without connectivity.

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