Relay output module
Relay output module
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Relay output module

Product info

This relay output module allows you to remotely control a pump, valve or machine with the touch of a button on your pc or smartphone. It consists of the SDM-6RO from Aspar, a 12V power supply by MEAN WELL and an M12 connection cord that fits your Reporter. The SDM-6RO contains six relay outputs that can be turned on or off via the Crodeon Dashboard.

The HDR-15-12 power supply by MEAN WELL also powers your Reporter, making the classic power adapter obsolete. Please note that the relais output module cannot operate on solar power so grid power is required at all times. Your Reporter has a built-in battery so when grid power goes down you still get real-time reporting but the output module stops working.

The SDM-6RO has 6 relay outputs. Each relay has three terminals: common (COM), normal open (NO) or normal closed (NC), for optimal flexibility. The module is designed for mounting on a DIN rail in accordance with DIN EN 5002.

Download SDM-6RO datasheet

Download HDR-15-12 datasheet

Technical specifications

Height 110 mm
Width 88 mm
Depth 62 mm
Cable length 2 m
Maximum resistive load 5A 250V AC / 10A 24V DC

How it works

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