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Cold Room Monitoring kit

Cold Room Monitoring kit

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About the cold room monitoring system

Keep your cold storage safe with a plug & play cold storage temperature monitoring system. Suitable for all frozen or refrigerated goods like medicine, flowers, and food that need to be kept at a stable, low temperature. HACCP conform for professional use in your warehouse or kitchen.

Crodeon Cloud

This wireless temperature monitoring system, called Reporter, sends its data to the Crodeon Dashboard (cloud) where all data is automatically logged. Save time and money as manual measurements become a thing of the past.

Live and historic data can be accessed 24/7 in the Dashboard through your web browser of choice, no custom software installation needed!

This reliable refrigeration temperature monitoring system with built-in alarm notifications will keep an eye on your goods, giving you peace of mind. All measurements and alarm settings can be changed in the Dashboard.

Temperature monitoring kit with API

Reporter comes with a rest API that allows for seamless data integration into your own systems & software.


Reporter was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, making it possible for anyone to install the system themselves without any prior technical knowledge. Keep an eye on the cold room, fridge, or freezer in your business through Reporter, your reliable partner for remote monitoring of temperature.

The ease of Reporter: Sumaq's a fan!
21/02/2024 - Jonathan Sercu

Where to use the fridge monitoring system?

The cold room temperature monitoring system comes with 2-4 temperature sensors to install in your cold room, cold storage, freezer, refrigerator, or other room that needs to be monitored for temperature fluctuations.

The system is compatible with mobile coolers (transport vans and the like) to monitor whether the cold chain of medication and food was not broken during transport. Reporter has 4 sensor connectors, is IP67 (rain and weather proof), and connects to the GSM network, making it a perfect autonomous and mobile cold chain monitoring and food safety monitoring system.

How to install the cold room monitoring system?

Install Reporter outside your temperature-regulated space to ensure a strong GSM connection. The sensors can be installed inside your temperature-regulated space by drilling a hole in the wall of your space and inserting the sensor with cable in through here.

What's in the cold room temperature monitoring system?

At Crodeon we choose to bundle our strengths with industry-leading sensor partners, this is why we trust in the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor by Maxim Integrated. This high-accuracy sensor is generally used in industrial projects and needs no re-calibration, making it perfect for a cold storage temperature monitoring system.

The sensor comes with an accuracy of 0,5°C , a resolution of 0,1°C, and has an operating temperature of -55°C to +80°C.

Contact us if you need a temperature sensor with different specifications for remote monitoring of temperature in your project.

Download datasheet

Cold Room Monitoring kit Pro Cold Room Monitoring kit Basic
1x Reporter 1x Reporter
1x 1 Year data subscription 1x 1 Year data subscription
4x Temperature sensor (5m cable) 2x Temperature sensor (5m cable)
1x Power charger (EU or UK plug) 1x Power charger (EU or UK plug)
2x Sensor extension cable (10m)

1 year subscription included

Reporter requires a yearly subscription to operate. The subscription covers things like connectivity and use of the Crodeon Dashboard. Cold Room Monitoring kit Basic and Pro have a 12 months subscription included.

Reporter mounted next to a cold room for remote temperature monitoring


Can I use Reporter as a HACCP temperature monitoring system?

Yes, definitely! Reporter is an ideal food safety monitoring system as temperature measurements are automatically logged and saved. Historic data can be extracted from the Crodeon Dashboard through Excel, giving you a clear temperature log without effort.

Read how KuNa Fish and FKT use their Reporters as HACCP monitoring system.

Can I only use 10m extension cables?

Our sensor extension cables are available in 5-20 metres. Add extra cables to your cart if need more or longer extension cables. The temperature sensors have a 5m cable attached.

Can I also measure relative humidity with this kit?

To measure relative humidity you would need an RH sensor, which you can add separately to your cart as you wish.

Does this fridge monitoring system work with WiFi?

No, Reporter connects with the GSM network: 2G or 4G.

What is a cold chain temperature tracking system?

Designed to continuously monitor temperature-controlled environments during transportation, it helps detect deviations in temperature, indicating a potential break in the cold chain. This system issues real-time alarms through phone or email when temperature peaks or drops are detected, enabling timely intervention to prevent products, such as medication or food, from becoming unsafe due to temperature fluctuations.

What is a wireless temperature monitoring system?

A wireless refrigeration temperature monitoring system sends data from its loggers and sensor module to a data platform through a wireless connection. Our Reporter streams its data through the GSM network.

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    All Crodeon sensors are plug & play compatible with your Reporter. Browse our shop and select the sensors, accessories and Reporters of your choice, or choose one of the pre-composed kits that match your needs.

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    Reporter® requires a subscription of €180 /year to operate. Add this package to your cart when checking out. The subscription covers things like connectivity and use of the Crodeon Dashboard. Kits already include a 1 year subscription. Contact us if you only need the sensors without connectivity.

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