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Effortless waterflow and groundwater level monitoring

Effortless waterflow and groundwater level monitoring

Europe has been hit hard by issues with groundwater availability in recent years, shining light on a problem that many assumed was not that serious until now. Belgium for example is ranked 22nd in the “Water Risk Indicator”, a report by the World Resources Institute from 2019, and it seems that things will get even worse in the near future.

Measuring is key

A crucial part of the solution will be to start measuring ground water levels more often and in a larger number of locations. It’s becoming painfully obvious that traditional manual measurement methods are no longer suitable.

In many places, groundwater is still measured manually and in low frequencies. It’s not rare to see measurements taken just once a year, using tools like simple measuring tape. This only provides data at one specific time stamp, and it takes a lot of time to complete in the first place. As a result, companies and governments are working with potentially outdated data for months on end, and valuable time is wasted.

How current solutions can help

Modern approaches can be leveraged to simplify this process and ensure that you have a constant, accurate overview of your groundwater situation. Pressure sensors that measure ground water level have been around for a while. The challenge has always been to easily report this sensor data to a centralized system in the cloud. From there, the data can be made available to other users, or aggregated with other data collection points to create a more accurate picture of the situation.

As groundwater level is often measured in remote locations, wireless GSM-based sensor devices are best suited for the job. If possible it’s also recommended to build a setup that can operate continuously without grid power.

Easy to install

We at Crodeon have been working on these challenges for a while now. Our Crodeon Reporter is one of the easiest sensor devices on the European market. We use 2G and 4G for a reliable wireless data connection, even in the most remote locations.

The Crodeon webshop offers a submersible water level sensor that is directly compatible with the Crodeon Reporter. You only need a 3cm borehole to insert the water level sensor into the ground. Then simply plug the sensor into the Reporter and the data appears on your pc or smartphone.

Submersible level sensor

Our low-power design allows the Reporter and sensors to operate fully on solar power. This means no grid power is required, and you can measure 24/7 in any location that has access to the sun. A compatible small solar panel can be found in our shop. The Reporter has an internal battery that charges quickly during the day, enough to last multiple nights without sun.

In some cases, for example in construction sites, ground water is measured in combination with a pump that operates periodically. That means grid power is available, at least part of the time. Just one hour of grid power is enough for the Reporter to operate several days on the internal battery.

Combination with other sensors

The Reporter has 3 or 6 connectors, so you’re free to connect other sensors as well. Measuring water flow (m³ / hour), rain, or water pressure for example can provide valuable insights in addition to ground water levels. All sensors can be found in our shop. Water meters are ordered specifically for your needs.

water sensors

Monitoring the power supply to your pump could be relevant for construction workers. The Reporter has a built-in alarm system so you can set thresholds for each sensor and receive notifications per SMS, email or voice call when things don’t go as expected.

Data is visualized on the Crodeon Dashboard on your pc or smartphone. This is also the place where you configure the alarm settings, measurement interval and so on. We offer API access for integration with other platforms, or a simple Excel export if you prefer to work in Excel.

Crodeon Dashboard

The best part of this story: no technical knowledge is required to get started. Crodeon offers an all-in-one solution that is up and running in a matter of minutes. Visit our shop to make your own quote or get in touch if you have any more questions.

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