Easy online dewatering with Internet of Things

Dewatering is an essential part of many projects in the construction industry. Installing pumps to temporarily lower the groundwater level is simply unavoidable.

As a contractor, you want to have an overview of the operation of the pump, the total flow rate and the groundwater levels at any time. Nor do you want to be in de dark about any problems or blockages occurring in your installation. The solution to measure your project must be affordable and easy to install. No matter the size of your company or the size of your construction site.

In traditional projects, it can be difficult to keep track of the amount of water that was pumped away. Or in more detail to know how much water was removed at what times. The government makes dewatering laws stricter every year. When they ask for a detailed report about your project you don’t want to be left empty-handed. All this can be solved by using online dewatering with the Internet of Things.

Effortlessly monitor your dewatering control

We at Crodeon specialise in making your job easier. We designed Reporter, an easy to use sensor module that remotely monitors your projects. Flow rate, groundwater level, pressure and the total amount of removed water are automatically logged in the cloud, which you can access 24/7 from your browser. This means that without any manual logging, you can effortlessly extract a full report about your project from the cloud. That’s the beauty of a dewatering measuring system.

Whether it’s dewatering control, irrigation monitoring, power outage detection or extreme weather alarms, we’re ready to help contractors all over Europe.

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How Reporter helps

Reporter helps you keep track of your project by being your extra pair of eyes. The system can be equipped with pressure sensors, ultrasonic sensors or even a rain sensor. Are you out of town while your pumps are running? No problem, Reporter will let you know if anything happens!

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    Get notified when you want, how you want

    In case of a power cut, failing water flow or pressure, or wrong groundwater levels, Reporter will warn you. The dewatering alarm notifications are fully customisable to your needs. You can choose to receive a voice call, text message or email.

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    Easy and affordable

    Reporter was built to be accessible to everyone. The Plug & Play sensor module is IP67, works on both solar power and grid power, and even lasts another week in case of a power cut.

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    Crucial information in one easy-to-use Dashboard

    On the Crodeon Dashboard, you can check your system 24/7. Log in through your smartphone’s browser and stay up to date about the water flow at your construction site.

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    Easy exports, and access with an API

    Discover trends and correlations through your data, which let you further optimise your process. Dewatering monitoring can even feed the data input for your own software by using the API.

What you’ll need to get started

Your exact set of sensors depends on your project. We’ve already preselected some products to easily get you started with your online dewatering project.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need grid power on site?

For applications in remote areas you can power your Reporter with a small solar panel (dimensions: 35cm x 30cm). This way Reporter has everything on board to charge during the day and easily survive multiple nights without sunlight, even when operating at a low measurement interval.

If you do have grid power available, then your Reporter will monitor this power supply and notify you in case of a power outage.

Which kind of flow meters are compatible?

Reporter is compatible with a wide range of flow meters from many renowned manufacturers. We prefer flow meters with a pulse output, but other output signals can also be considered. Contact us to find out if your flow meter is compable.

Can I install a Reporter myself?

The mounting and startup of a Reporter takes only a few minutes. You only need to sign in to the Crodeon Dashboard and connect the sensors. The Dashboard will allow you to activate your Reporter with one click in order to start measuring. There you also have the ability to configure settings such as the measurement interval and alarm thresholds.

No technical skills are required to start using our technology.

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