Cold room monitoring for HVAC companies

Malfunctioning cold rooms, refrigerators and freezers bring a lot of trouble into your client's kitchen or cold storage. So they ask you "wouldn't there be a way to monitor our storage?". One way to effectively solve this issue is cold room monitoring.

Your planning is filled to the brim with new projects and interventions, and finding skilled new staff is difficult. You're done with unnecessary complexity, which is why you appreciate plug & play hardware. Mount it to the wall, drill a hole, connect the sensor, done.

What if we told you that cold room monitoring really can be that easy?

Let us introduce you to: Reporter®

How does Crodeon’s remote temperature monitoring work?

At Crodeon we built Reporter, a user-friendly sensor module that is perfect for cold storage temperature monitoring. Temperature monitoring for cold rooms works through continuous temperature measuring that creates an automatic temperature log.

  • Temperature (and humidity) sensors
  • Data is being transmitted to the cloud (Crodeon Dashboard)
  • Excel export function for easy data extraction
  • Detailed temperature log for HACCP compliance purposes
  • Alarm notifications to alert about temperature deviations
  • Quick & Easy ⏱

    Slash your installation time with easy Plug & Play sensor connecting.

  • Customisable 🧩️

    Mix & Match whatever sensors your client needs: all sensors are compatible.

  • Quick interventions 🚨

    Remotely keep an eye on your client's storage to help them better & faster.

  • Intuitive technology 💡

    The user-friendly and intuitive design can be installed by anyone.

  • Client in control 🎚️

    Reduce support time by letting your clients stay in control of their project.

  • Online data 📈

    Forget custom software installation: all data is streamed to the cloud.

Three simple steps

Set up your temperature ranges

Crodeon's cold room temperature monitoring system is compatible with a wide range of temperatures for you to monitor a cold storage as you please.

In the Crodeon Dashboard you can set your desired temperature range and when you want to receive an alarm notification if this temperature deviates too much.

The temperature sensors come precalibrated but a manual offset can be set to fit your needs.

Access your data where and how you want

The Crodeon Dashboard is accessible through the web browser of your choice, on your pc, phone or tablet. With your phone in hand, you or your client can change settings on the fly, look at live or historic measurements, and prove that food safety regulations are being met.

Reporter also offers a rest API that allows you to directly insert Reporter’s measurements into personal software and the like.

Get alerts how you want them

When Reporter detects temperature deviations it will send you an alarm notification in real time. You can choose to receive these through a voice call, text message on your phone, or an email on your internet-connected device of choice.

This alarm feature for cold storage temperature monitoring is built-in in every Reporter and is fully customisable to your client's needs.

  • an incoming call of an unknown number

    Voice call

    ALARM for Kitchen Reporter temperature sensor Freezer

    Please confirm at Restaurant Reporters

  • A notification of a new text message on a smartphone screen

    Text message

    ALARM for Kitchen Reporter humidity sensor storage

    Please confirm at High school Reporters

  • 20 unread emails on a smartphone screen


    ALARM for Storage Reporter temperature sensor apples

    Please confirm at FruitFingers Reporters

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  • Stevens Commercial

    "For us Reporter is an easy, fast and reliable way to help our customers with remote temperature registration."

  • pakhuis

    Pakhuis Ghent

    "Our Reporter lets us watch over several different coldrooms in the restaurant with peace of mind. A very good investment."

  • FKT


    "Reporter is important for our customers in the hospitality and food sector. They are looking for peace of mind and thanks to Crodeon we can offer that."

  • logo KuNa Fish

    Kuna Fish

    "After a long and difficult search for a simple and good working system, we finally ended up with Crodeon. Reporter has fully met and exceeded our expectations."

  • Lameire

    Lameire Koeltechniek

    "We've been using Reporter for over 5 years now. A great way to keep an eye on our customer's cooling systems. This device is a true time saver!"

  • logo Barla Food

    Barla Food

    “The system is easy to use, effective and affordable. I would definitely recommend Reporter to other food companies”

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Jef Ooms, FKT, has been using Reporter for several years now. In this interview he tells us all about his personal experience with the system and how it saved his client's storage when they were away.

Read Jef's story →
Reporter mounted outside of a refrigerator

Reporter: sensor module

  • Autonomous data connection (GSM network)
  • Power outage alarm and sensor alarms
  • Internal back up battery that allows for continuous monitoring
  • Crodeon Dashboard with data visualisation and historical records
temperature sensor

Temperature sensor

  • Measures temperature -55°C to +80°C
  • 5m cable
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,5°C from -10°C to +80°C
temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature & humidity sensor

  • Measures temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, and dew point
  • Performs best at 5°C - 60°C and 20 % - 80 %RH
  • 5m cable
  • Accuracy temperature: +/- 0,1°C (from +20°C to +60°C)
  • Accuracy RH: +/- 1,5 (from 0% to 80%)
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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install a Reporter?

The mounting and startup of a Reporter takes only a few minutes. The system is optimized for easy use by HVAC companies that have no experience with remote monitoring.

You only need to sign in to the Crodeon Dashboard and connect the sensors. The Dashboard will allow you to activate your Reporter with one click in order to start measuring. There you also have the ability to configure settings such as the measurement interval and alarm thresholds.

Our technology is designed to help you save time. Time is your most precious asset as a technical installation company.

How do you measure temperature in a cold room?

Temperature sensors are used for measuring and monitoring the temperature in a cold room. When you choose to use a digital sensor with an internet connection you can remotely follow up on the measurements. Digital sensors also allow you to enable automatic temperature logging.

Which equipment is used to monitor the temperature in a cold storage?

To monitor the temperature in a cold storage a limited amount of equipment is needed: a temperature sensor and a sensor module that interprets the data measured by the sensor.

What is cold system monitoring?

Cold room monitoring is about using sensors to watch over the temperature, humidity and other parameters in a space where stable climate conditions are required, such as cold rooms, containers or other cold storage facilities.

What is the temperature monitoring system for cold storage?

Reporter by Crodeon is a good example of a temperature monitoring system for cold storage. The sensor module is compatible with a wide array of sensors like temperature, relative humidity, CO2, but also a limit switch (open door detection) and a relay output module.

How do I monitor storage temperature?

You can monitor storage temperature by installing a temperature sensor connected to a sensor module for remote monitoring. Such a sensor module is Reporter.