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Leaf wetness sensor

Leaf wetness sensor

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About the wet leaf sensor

Leaf wetness sensors, also called leaf moisture sensors are used to professionally monitor moisture present on foliage. It detects water or ice on the surface, simulating the natural characteristics of a leaf.

Professionals may want to use a leaf sensor to detect possible infections and diseases in their crop before it's too late. Using a leaf wetness sensor decreases the need to take preventative measures as it gives you concrete numbers about foliage moisture conditions.

Our sensor allows for easy remote monitoring of your crops' foliage surface moisture to make efficient disease control possible.

METER Group technology, made Crodeon compatible

METER Group has gained renown as a sensor manufacturer due to its commitment to precision and innovation. Renowned for creating advanced environmental monitoring solutions, METER Group's sensors excel in accuracy and reliability, meeting the demanding needs of industries such as agriculture and environmental science. Their cutting-edge technology and dedication to research make them a trusted choice for scientists and professionals seeking high-quality sensor solutions worldwide, which is why Crodeon chooses to combine our strengths.

The Phytos 31 ceramic leaf wetness sensor measures the dielectric constant approximately 1 cm from its upper surface. It skillfully replicates the thermodynamic and radiative attributes of actual leaves to closely mirror the wetness state of canopies. Engineered with a surface akin to a hydrophobic leaf's cuticle, it is especially well-suited for leaves with hydrophobic cuticles. Its performance may vary for leaves with abundant hairs or less waxy cuticles in terms of wetness duration.

The Phytos 31 wet leaf sensor was made compatible with Crodeon's Reporter for easy and reliable remote monitoring. It comes with a 5m cable, adapter, and short M12 extension cable for direct compatibility with every Reporter. Phytos 31 measures and logs when moisture formed on the leaf sensor and how long it stayed wet. This information helps you determine whether certain diseases are more likely to infect your plants.

Crodeon Cloud

What makes the combination of the METER Group Phytos 31 sensor with Reporter so special is how you can easily monitor and log leaf wetness in the cloud. Simultaneously you will receive alarm notifications on your phone or through email when reality exceeds your set moisture limits. Reporter sends its data to the cloud platform — called the Crodeon Dashboard —, here you can watch live data or download historic measurements.

Leaf wetness sensor with API

Reporter comes with a user-friendly rest API that makes any connected sensor API accessible. The API allows for seamless data integration into your own systems or software.

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Read this blog to learn more about leaf wetness sensor installation and maintenance.

Physical properties leaf moisture sensor

Measurement description Dry, frosted, wet
Weight 135 grams
Length 12cm
Width 5.8cm
Height 0.8cm
Operating temperature range -40°C to +60°C
Life expectancy 2+ years (continuous use)
Sensor cable length 5m
Included adapter Yes, type: 0-5V adapter
Material sensor Ceramic


What is a wet leaf sensor?

A wet leaf sensor is a device that mimics the characteristics of a real leaf. It aims to behave like a leaf, while also gathering data. For example, moisture like rain, dew or frost on a leaf will eventually evaporate, but with real leaves it is difficult to measure how much moisture was present for how long. The leaf moisture sensor on the other hand auto-measures its own conditions related to this moisture.

How does a leaf wetness sensor work?

A leaf sensor is coated in electrodes that can communicate whether they are dry, wet, or covered in ice. This happens through a small electric current that is interpreted by an adapter attached to a sensor device. Our adapter translates to Reporter, and Reporter sends these measurements to the cloud where you can read them.

Why measure leaf wetness?

Leaf moisture levels are measured and monitored by agriculturalists, farmers, researchers, plant nurseries etc. to keep an eye on and understand the conditions in their plants or crops.

If you want to track when your plants’ foliage was wet, how long it remained moist and whether that moisture was frozen or not, you should use a leaf wetness sensor.

Why is leaf moisture important?

When foliage remains moist for prolonged periods of time, this can lead to diseases in crops. Most common are bacterial or viral infections that can take hold of your crops in humid conditions. Certain pests also thrive when moisture is high among your plants.

By monitoring moisture conditions in your crops, you can calculate the risk of diseases affecting your plants. This gives you more time to proactively treat your crops when the conditions are right for a specific disease to emerge. However, it also allows you to make the decision to not preventatively treat your plants if the data shows that it is not needed. This saves you time and money.

A common bacterial disease that thrives in humid conditions is Pseudomonas syringae.

Can you use this sensor outdoors?

This sensor is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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