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Leaf wetness sensor

Leaf wetness sensor

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The Leaf Wetness Sensor by Spectrum Technologies (USA) detects water or ice on the surface, simulating the natural characteristics of a leaf.

This sensor comes with a 2m cable and a stainless steel M12 connector for direct compatibility with every Crodeon Reporter. 

This leaf wetness sensor contains a circuit board with interlacing gold-plated fingers. Condensation on the sensor lowers the resistance between the fingers, which is measured as an analog sensor signal in 16 steps. The grid-like, resistance-type sensor mimics moisture on vegetation from 0 LW (dry) to 15 LW (wet).

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Locate the sensor in a typical "micro-climate" away from the edge of an orchard, vineyard, or field. Attach the sensor on a mast or pipe using the u-bolt with the sensor pointing to the north.

Place the sensor in an area of the plant canopy which is appropriate for the disease being noticed. For example to simulate the impact of rain only, the leaf wetness sensor would be positioned under the canopy. For full impact of both rain and dew the sensor would be positioned closer to the top of the plant canopy.

Inspect the sensor frequently to make certain the sensor has not fallen from its mount or that leaves or debris are not stuck to the sensor surface.

Make sure to cover (protect) the sensor when spraying with fertilizers or other chemicals as this may damage the sensor.

Physical properties

Weight 103 g
Height 113 mm
Width 56 mm
Depth 52 mm
Cable length 2 m
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