Real-time Frost Monitoring & Alert System

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Stop losing sleep over frost damage in your crops. Meet Reporter, your new favourite sensor device and frost alert system. It can be used outside, in the middle of nowhere, without grid power or internet available. This frost monitoring system sends out real-time alarm notifications only when needed, giving you peace of mind and a good night's sleep. Closely monitor all parameters to keep your future harvest safe!

Our sensor device is compatible with our weather sensor, leaf wetness sensor, and additional humidity sensor or wind sensor. Stay up-to-date about sudden temperature drops in real-time!

How does frost monitoring work?

Remote frost monitoring with frost alarm works by measuring several different parameters that affect the possibility of cold damage in your plants. These parameters are measured by smart sensors and interpreted by the remote frost monitoring system that sends out alarm notifications when needed.

Local weather data from your fields

Reporter uses sensor data gathered at your field, which gives you the most relevant and accurate measurements. The only things you need are smart sensors and a sensor device for remote monitoring.

  • A temperature and humidity sensor measures dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, and dew point.
  • A wind sensor measures wind direction and wind speed.
  • A leaf wetness sensor measures surface moisture, surface frost, and evaporation.

You can also choose a professional weather station which measures temperature, wind, and rain, all in one sensor.

What makes Reporter so versatile is the ease with which you can connect multiple (different) sensors to one device. This allows you to effortlessly measure temperature at several different heights or locations for example.

The frost alert system uses data gathered by its own sensors to trigger frost alarms. These alarms are based on your personal preference and the alarm notifications will reach you through your preferred alerting method.

Real-time data

Reporter measures at an interval of your liking between every 30 seconds to every two hours. This means that live frost monitoring data really is live!

Crodeon Dashboard showing live weather station data

Set alarm thresholds

Reporter's alarm thresholds are not preset, which gives you the opportunity to fully mould them to your personal preferences. Reporter sends its frost detection sensor data to a cloud platform called the Crodeon Dashboard, this is where you can alter all measurement and alerting settings.

You can set minimum and maximum thresholds for dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and leaf wetness factors (dry, frosted, wet).

The Crodeon Dashboard is a user-friendly and intuitive web application that works in your favourite internet browser on PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Get alerts how you want them

Real-time frost detector sensor data triggers alarms, no matter the time of day. You can be sure that your crops are being safeguarded 24/7. If the alarm thresholds are reached Reporter will start sending out alarm notifications by your preferred option: text message, voice call, or email. Reporter's efforts to warn you only stop once you've confirmed the alarm in the Crodeon Dashboard.

You can also opt to enable our cascading alarm function, this gives you the option to send the alarm notifications out to multiple people, making sure you have a broader reach and someone will intervene in time. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Remote control of sprinkler systems and machines

Once the frost monitoring system has triggered the frost alarm notifications it's up to you to start protecting your crops, but that doesn't mean that Crodeon can't help!

A relay output module allows you to remotely turn up to six devices/machines on or off. This enables you to turn on wind machines or a sprinkler system to help protect fruit blossoms from freezing. Additional sensors can be installed to check whether your safety measures were deployed successfully, like a pressure sensor to measure the water pipes, or a wind sensor to notice the wind machines.

Left: sprinklers being activated on the Crodeon Dashboard for Frost management. Right: frozen blossoms

Autonomous and reliable

Reporter was designed to function autonomously once correctly installed. This means that you won't have to go out and change batteries, because Reporter uses either grid power or solar power (using its own small solar panel). The internal battery status can always be viewed on the Dashboard.

Another feature that makes this frost detector so reliable is the data connection. Reporter uses the GSM network (2G and 4G cellular data) through its integrated SIM card to send its data to the Dashboard. This means that you won't have to worry about hosting your own local networks to keep Reporter connected to the cloud.

This autonomy gives you peace of mind, as you know that Reporter doesn’t need any additional help to work as it's supposed to. No matter how remote your set-up is located!

How is Reporter powered?
19/04/2024 - Jonathan Sercu

Easy DIY installation

“Do I have to hire a technician to install this frost detection sensor?” No, and that's the best part! Reporter was designed to be as user-friendly and straightforward as possible, which is why you're able to install the system all on your own. No matter your background, technical or not. We accomplished this by making Reporter plug & play with automatic sensor detection, meaning that you'll just have to connect the sensors through the connectors (as easy as plugging in USB) and your frost alert system goes live near-instantly!

Reporter is IP67 and weatherproof, so don't worry about the device hanging in the rain. Sensor cables can be extended up to 30m to reach all around your orchard! Read more about how to get started.

What you'll need for a real-time frost detector

A remote temperature monitoring system with frost alarm doesn't need much to work. You can choose a preassembled weather station kit that monitors temperature, humidity, and wind, or you can mix & match your personal frost detection kit with the following: temperature and humidity sensor, leaf wetness sensor, wind sensor, with of course Reporter and essentials like a power source and a data subscription.

GPS coordinates

Reporter features a built-in GPS tracker that sends out regular location updates. A tab in the Crodeon Dashboard lets you view these locations on a Google maps embed.

IoT sensor module with GPS tracker
02/01/2024 - Jonathan Sercu

API integration

Reporter comes with a free REST API that you can easily connect to your own agricultural software. This allows you to seamlessly integrate live measurement data into predictive models and the like.

A Weather Station with API
29/11/2023 - Jonathan Sercu

Get your own frost alert system

Don't let the cold sneak up on you this year! Get your own frost monitoring system and keep your harvest safe! Learn more about our other Smart Agriculture solutions or reach out if you have any questions.

Crodeon weather station in an orchard

FAQ about remote frost monitoring

What is a frost alarm?

A frost detection sensor system uses live temperature and moisture data to keep you updated about frost damage risks in your orchard, vineyard, or field, in real-time. The system uses remote temperature monitoring through the use of smart agriculture sensors.

Reporter is a great example of such a sensor system.

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