3 Reasons why you need a power failure detector at your construction site

3 Reasons why you need a power failure detector at your construction site
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3 Reasons why you need a power failure detector at your construction site
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Power outages can be a major problem for construction sites, as they can cause a wide range of safety hazards and disrupt your work. The biggest issues arise when no one is present at the site and the consequences can wreak havoc upon your new building or project. A power failure detector could warn you that a power outage has occurred on your construction site, giving you the opportunity to go out and prevent damage.

1. Rising groundwater levels

One of the most significant dangers of a power outage at a construction site is the potential for groundwater levels to rise when a pump fails. This causes damage to basements, foundations, and other structures. Many construction sites rely on pumps to control groundwater levels, and if these pumps stop working due to a power outage, things go wrong quickly.

When groundwater levels rise, the soil that surrounds the building foundation can become saturated and lose its strength. The foundation can shift or settle, which can lead to cracks and other structural damage. The pressure of the water can also cause the foundation walls to bow or buckle, which can lead to collapse. The foundation or basement can even start to ‘float’. This kind of damage is irreparable. The only solution is to completely break away all previous work and start anew. This causes immense delays and causes thousands of euros worth of extra costs.

All of this misery is avoidable and unnecessary when you connect a power failure detector to your pump installation. This detector sends out a text message, voice message or email to warn you before things go awry.

2. Building dryers or construction dryers fail

A building dryer, also known as a construction dryer, is an important piece of equipment on a construction site. Its main function is to dry out various building materials such as concrete and plaster. When a building dryer fails to work due to a power outage, it can have disastrous consequences for the construction project.

One of the main issues that can arise when a building dryer fails, is mould growth. As building materials like concrete and plaster dry, they release moisture into the air. If this moisture is not removed quickly and efficiently, it can lead to mould growth on the walls and other surfaces of the building.

Additionally, when a building dryer fails, the drying times of concrete and plaster will be longer. This can cause significant delays in the construction process and rack up some serious costs. It's therefore extremely important to be warned about a power outage at your construction site. Which can be solved by a power failure detector.

power failure detection

3. Cameras stop filming

For security reasons a construction company may want to install cameras at their site. When a powercut occurs these cameras can no longer film and guard the site, rendering them useless. A company could also use cameras to film a time-lapse to document the progress of a construction project. To showcase the construction process to potential clients, to demonstrate the company's capabilities and efficiency, or to use the footage in marketing materials. Additionally, a time-lapse can be useful for monitoring the construction process, identifying issues and making adjustments as needed.

It would be a waste of time to find out a chunk of your footage is missing when editing it later on…

Your own power failure detector

A reliable and efficient solution for detecting and responding to power outages at construction sites is the remote monitoring system called Reporter. One of the key features of Reporter is its built-in power supply detection. Reporter detects power outages in real-time and sends alarm notifications to your phone or email. This allows for quick action, minimising the risk of damage.

Reporter has four connectors that allow for the connection of other sensors such as temperature, weather, water level, and flow meters to monitor other vital conditions on the site. The data is sent to a cloud platform called the Crodeon Dashboard where you can access and analyse the data remotely and view detailed reports.

Anyone, anywhere

Reporter is an ideal solution for detecting and responding to power outages at construction sites. The system is plug and play, with automatic sensor detection. No technical knowledge is required to set it up. The built-in power failure detector can detect power while the four remaining connectors allow for other data to be gathered.

The system uses the GSM network with its own SIM card, which means it is not dependent on WiFi connection and can be used in remote locations. All the information about Reporter is situated online on the Crodeon Dashboard, which can be accessed through your web browser on your phone, PC, or tablet. One of the best things about Reporter is that it is not expensive and you can build and install it yourself.

The smartest solution

Power outages at a construction site can be dangerous and disruptive. It is crucial to have a reliable and efficient way to detect and respond to power outages quickly. Reporter is the best solution for this. It provides real-time monitoring and sends out alarm notifications regarding power outages.

Prevent disaster and invest in your own power failure detector now.

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